Gaël Beriro is a graduate of Boston College (BA) and The University of Denver Strum College of Law (JD). He began his legal career as a water rights and environmental attorney, practicing in Boulder Colorado from 1992 to 1996. He represented industrial clients in compliance matters related to the many Federal and State environmental laws such as CERCLA, RECRA, Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act. Mr. Beriro then went to work at AIG, one of the largest international insurance companies, as a financial risk underwriter and product manager. After seven years in the corporate and business world, he returned to private legal practice in 2002 here in Palm Beach County Florida, working for the firms of  Stambaugh & Tarone, P.A. and Mandel, Weisman, Heimberg & Brodie, P.A. as a commercial real estate and business transactions attorney before opening his own practice in 2006.

Services and Practice Area:

  • Title, Closing and Escrow Agent
  • Buyer/seller representation in commercial and residential real estate
  • Contract negotiations
  • Business mergers, acquisitions and dispositions
  • Formation, organization and administration of LLCs, corporations and partnerships
  • Wills, trusts and probate

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